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The following is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Leica cameras, lenses and photographic accessories. Established in September 1999 by Andrew Nemeth, it has grown to comprise more than 147 000 words arranged into 140 topics, and attract more than 1400 page-views a day.

It is compiled and maintained independently of Leica Camera AG, Solms Germany, with an emphasis on practical issues rather than historical trivia or "collectability". So expect a no-nonsense approach, free of the fanboy sentimentality you see on most other Leica websites.

To search the FAQ, use the facility provided in the masthead of every page.

BTW in August 2007 the folks at the Leica Camera Forum started their own Leica Wiki. So if you cannot find what you are looking for here, then it may be worthwhile checking them out.

Site contents and layout

The FAQ is broadly divided into the following categories — choose one to see the topics covered under each heading:

  1. Recent updates and what's new
  2. "M" and "LTM" Rangefinder topics
  3. "R" SLR topics
  4. Digital Leica topics
  5. General topics
  6. Glossary of common Leica terms
  7. Feedback email form

The current 12 most popular topics

  1. Leica M8 Digital
  2. Leica R lenses on Canon DSLRs
  3. Where can I buy Leica equipment online?
  4. Leica Serial Numbers online
  5. Leica D-LUX 4 Notes
  6. Leica M3 - the original M rangefinder
  7. Leica R & M lens mount adapters ?
  8. Four-Thirds Digital Leica(s)
  9. Leica M7 - finally a M6 with AE
  10. Slave to the 50mm Noctilux
  11. Zeiss Ikon "M" camera system
  12. Leica M9 Digital

4020 Leica photography

Your FAQ-meister isn't just someone who kills time fussing over camera gear. He also occasionally writes articles, or some web-code, or gets out in to the real-word to take photographs…


My "Boomer Legacy" project: a satirical look at everyone's favourite generation — with over 500 pictures.


My older "Sydney Unposed" project (1999—2005): a collection of colour candid people stills taken in and around Sydney Australia, using Leica Ms and a Hasselblad 501cm.


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