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Why do Leica users take themselves so seriously ?

Goes with the territory alas. Because Leica equipment is so expensive, only older people can really afford them - either established professional photographers, or well-heeled amateurs & collectors. As the latter group is mostly comprised of fifty-something lawyers, dentists & ophthalmologists…, you cannot really expect large amounts of youthful, whimsical humour.

Lieconoclasts of the World, Unite!

Luckily not everyone is so earnest about their Leicas - see the hype-busting "Generation X Leica Snob" site by Kyle Cassidy at:


While looking around Mr Cassidy's site, don't forget to have a look at (and memorise!) the PLUG Ten Commandments of Leica Photography:


In a similar vein, see also the following notes on Rangefinder (ab)use and ownership by Dante Stella at:


Finally, if you ever plan on travelling with your Leica, then also sneak a look at the PLUG Travel FAQ at:


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