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Asterisk * after serial number - explanation

Got an M body with a serial number which includes an asterisk *? Wondering if this means something special or makes your camera a collectors item? …

Well, no. According to Rapidwinder guru Tom Abrahamsson, all the asterisk means is that the serial number is being re-used from a trashed camera body no longer in circulation. In detail:

[…] the * after the serial number denotes a "duplicate" number. At some time a camera was returned and it was either in such bad shape that it was made in to a parts camera, or in some cases it was an engraving mistake. I have seen serial numbers with a D engraved ( as in "duplicate") or the * after the number. I have even seen a M4-P ( same range as your friends 1550 xxx) with both a D and an asterisk after the number! Wonder whatever happened to the 2 preceding bodies? It is not a high value item, more of an oddity. Strangely enough, most Focotar-2 50/4,5 enlarging lenses that I have seen have the asterisk after the serial number. I never bothered to find out why, but there is probably a very Germanic explanation to this.

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