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Sep 2000 - new M products

In September 2000 Leica announced a range of new M products. A US Leica dealer provided the following details:

  1. A wideangle M6 .58 to complement the existing .72 and HM .85 models. The RRP (USA) cost is expected to be $US 1995, the same price as for the .85 model and only $50 more than the .72. Became available in October 2000
  2. A 28mm Summicron-M ASPH for low-light fiends for whom the 35mm ASPH isn't wide enough. RRP (USA) $US 1995 - available April 2001
  3. For collectors or retro-freaks, a Null Series Leica replica for RRP (USA) $2495 - available January 2001
  4. A tri-elmar with focal length click stops, 49E filter mount and modified DOF scales: $US 2195, Dec 2000
  5. A 2-speed motor-drive for the M to replace the ancient, clunky M-winder (hooray!). $US 649, Apr 2001

Want more information? Go straight to the horse's mouth and see the announcements on the Leica www site at:


See also the separate Compact M-Motor FAQ entry below!

BTW, Leica weren't the only ones releasing new products - Metz also announced the Metz Mecablitz 54 MZ 3, a new swivel-head SCA flash for the M6 TTL and R8. See the Metz www site.

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