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Where can I get Leica repairs done?

Fast Track service

Before listing specifiic technicians, I should mention that for those who cannot afford to wait weeks for repairs, Leica USA offers a fast-track service for professional photographers. In Sep 2001, veteran Leica shooter Ted Grant supplied the following details:

For the uninformed, Leica Camera Inc USA has a "Leica Professional Service". If you're a pro all one does is complete the Pro application and you're on the list for "high speed service and loaner equipment."
This service is through the office of [the] Director of Marketing. So any of you pro's not on the Leica list for Pro servicing, I suggest you contact him [or her!].

Benefits of having a CLA

One of the overlooked benefits of having a CLA is that not only does it re-adjust your VF alignments and s/speeds but - if done properly - will also scrape the 20-year old oxidized lubricant out of your camera.

Furthermore, if your technician is on the ball then they'll re-lubricate using the same Teflon-based grease Leica currently use, resulting in a much smoother operation and also making the camera automatically "winterised" and safe to operate at temperatures between the extremes of -30°C & 60°C.

(Teflon Grease reference - see "LFI 5/2002" at p.25.)

For those who care, here's a link to a March 2006 discussion on Teflon and other hi-tech camera lubricants: < #00Fm2I>.

Leica Technicians

The following have been mentioned favorably over the years on Leica mailing lists for either repairs or CLAs. In no particular order:


Don Goldberg
Oregon, WI, USA
Repairs, camera modifications & CLAs
Sherry Krauter
Campbell Hall, New York, USA
Camera & lens repairs, CLAs
Youxin Ye
Boston, USA
Camera repairs & CLAs. Apparently a wizard at repairing deteriorated vulcanite and re-covering cameras with new leatherette. Also sells fully re-furbished (and hence inexpensive!) M2s and M3s.
John Van Stelten
Louisville, CO, USA
They polish & re-coat (single layer mag/fluoride only) glass surfaces that have only scratches or marks in the coating. Anything deep enough to feel with your fingernail is probably too deep. They also de-cement and re-cement doublets and triplets and remove fungus and haze. They also do camera body repair work on LTMs, Ms and Rs, but they no longer work on the Leicaflex Standard or SLs. Please note - no credit cards and they do not ship to P.O. boxes.
John Maddox
109 Royal Oak Road
Greenville, SC 29607, USA
4-6 M-F, 10-6 Sat.
Roger H. Pelham
Trotwood, OH, USA
(No longer accepts repairs as he died in Feb 2004.)
George Milton
Hollywood USA
Specializes in Light meter repairs for Leica, Gossen Minolta etc. For pricing, call George or Tracy and ask.


Gerry Smith
Markham, Ontario Canada
Camera repairs & CLAs (M & LTM)
Reinhold Mueller
Toronto, Canada
tel: 1-416-467-6992
In April 2004 Mr Mueller fell ill and was eventually hospitalized. Three months later his business was liquidated and camera owners had to take steps to recover their equipment. More information is available from "James", who personally looked into this matter in Toronto. (Many thanks to Gregory Hitt for this information in June 2004.)


Malcolm Taylor
Herefordshire, England
Leica LTM & M repair wizard (esp. M3 finder separation and body black repaints). Aparently the Leica Museum's camera restorer.
CRR Luton
Luton, England
"Re-silvering, re-polishing and re-coating of damaged optics, re-leathering of body shells, new blinds fitted and servicing to Leica accessories undertaken". N.B. According to their www site they are constantly overloaded with work - contact them to discuss.
Will van Manen
Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
"An independent company for repair and maintenance of analogue photo equipment [Leica and Hasselblad]. We are located in the Netherlands. Our professional knowlegde includes: large format, medium format and 35mm cameras, lenses, filmbacks, motordrives, accessories, etc."
Claus-Werner Reinhardt
Hannover, Germany
Leica Solmns will no longer repair Leicaflex (standard) cameras - Claus-Werner still does.


Adeal Service
Altona North VIC 3025, Australia
The Authorised Leica Australian distributor. They do excellent work but can be a little slow. Impress on them that you need your camera for your business and with a bit of luck they will fast-track the repair. Slowest turn-around I have had for a simple CLA is 5 weeks. Fastest OTOH was post on Monday and back in my hands on Friday morning for a rangefinder adjustment(!) In July 2004 a fellow Australian Leica user reported that the cost to have a shutter repaired, brake replaced and a general CLA done @ $AUD 760.
Richard Broadbent
Level 1, 203 Castlereagh Street
Sydney 2000 Australia
tel: 61-2-9264-7091
Good for v.simple Leica M repairs (shutter & rangefinder adjustment etc.)

DIY M2-M4 Repair Manuals

For the young (or foolish) at heart, here are links to a couple of Leica repair manuals online. I wouldn't use them to completely service a camera, but if you only want to take the top cover off and make a few simple adjustments…

<> (7mb)

<> (27mb)

DIY Leicaflex SLR repairs

In March 2005 Douglas Herr announced the creation of the following web page, dedicated to the repair and maintenance of "classic" Leica SLRs:

Many of you know that I've been doing some of the simpler repairs on my Leicaflex SL bodies. There are some components I haven't messed with yet (successfully, anyway...) but there are many parts that can be repaired or adjusted with a few simple tools and knowledge. I've begun a web page detailing SL repairs at:
So far only meter calibration is on this page. I'll be adding to it as time permits.

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