Rollei 35RF notes

In December 2002 Rollei announced a new 35mm (film) rangefinder camera with Leica M lens compatibility. At the same time they also announced three Zeiss lenses to complement the new camera:


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Planar 50mm ƒ1.8
Sonnar 40mm ƒ2.8
Planar 80mm ƒ2.8


Details from Rollei USA

1) Will the three lenses announced for the Rollei 35 RF be made in Germany as is mentioned ("Rollei Germany") on the front of the lens ?


2) Who was responsible for the design of these lenses ? Rollei of Germany, Zeiss or Cosina of Japan ?

The lenses are designed in Germany by Carl Zeiss. The 40mm is based on the lens design of the Rollei 35 - a world-class lens. The 80mm is based on the design of the 2.8GX/FX TLR lens - again, an amazingly sharp, high performance lens. The 50mm ƒ1.8 is based on an equally impressive formula used on earlier Rollei SLR lenses.

3) Who will manufacture these lenses ? Again, Rollei of Germany, Zeiss or Cosina of Japan ?

Rollei fototechnic in Braunsweig, Germany will be the manufacturer of the three lenses.

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