Three M hand-grips compared

A number of hand-grips are available for to make the M easier to hand-hold. In October 2000 "Lucien" noted the following:

This week, I had the opportunity to really compare the 3 Grips available for the Leica M.
* The Leica M grip from Leica Camera AG, Germany
* The M-GRIP from GMP Products Inc, USA
* The RAPIDGRIP from Tom Abrahamson, Canada

After a 4 hours reportage with 3 camera bodies, each one with a different grip, I can say that the best is without contest the Rapidgrip. The handling is much better, thanks to it's bigger size and because of that, much safer. The Rapidgrip is twice as thick and also taller, both the others are so skinny in comparison.
Other advantages of the Rapidgrip: it work so well on the Rapidwinder and there is a compartment for storing extra batteries.
Leica M grip from Leica Camera AG, Germany.
M-GRIP from GMP Products Inc, USA.
Photovillage custom matt-black version
RAPIDGRIP from Tom Abrahamson, Canada.
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When looking at these grips, keep in mind that they only make the camera easier to hold when shooting in landscape orientation. When shooting portrait mode however, they all tend to get in the way. Also keep in mind that with the new compact M Motor available (see separate FAQ topic), not only do you get a hefty 300g grip, but also a built-in motorised film advance!