Leica R9 notes

After years of rumours, hopes and photoshopped hoaxes, Leica deflated our expectations by announcing the film-based R9 at the September 2002 Photokina.

Changes from the R8?

Not much. The new camera is 100g lighter (mainly due to use of Mg alloy in the frame and Polycarbonate in the base); comes in an "Anthracite" finish; has an additional LCD film-counter on the top-plate and has added support for HSS flash via a SCA-3502M3 adapter. There is also a useful push-button lock for the exposure mode dial. Other than that, it is basically still the same over-sized "hunchback of Solms".

R9? - it really should be called the "R8.2"!

R8 problems not fixed in the R9


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