Where can I read Leica lens tests & reviews online?

Photodo.com has the most comprehensive listing of MTF charts for Leica lenses publicly available - see:

  1. Leica M lenses
  2. Leica R lenses

Keep in mind MTF charts aren't the be-all and end-all for lens performance, mainly because they're only done at infinity focus. They also say nothing about lens colour handling or flare. See these URLs for more info:

<contaxg.com/archive/articles/beyond_the_mtf.htm> and
<Photo.net: #00ElP9>

In Nov 2003 Leica themselves released PDF-format lens datasheets, which contain specs, MTF charts and vignetting characteristics of most of their R lenses - see:


Ditto their M lenses — see:


The following URL features sample JPEG pictures taken by just about every lens in the Leica R line-up:


The following URL features comparative photographs taken under completely unscientific conditions using 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm Leica, Nikon and Voigtländer lenses at:


Belgian Pascal Heyman also maintains a few pages of notes and lens reviews - see <leicapages.com/highlights.html>.

Finally, Erwin Puts maintains a detailed (but uncritical) www site with online reports of the few lenses he has tested:

  1. <imx.nl/photo/lenstest/>
  2. <imx.nl/photo/voigtlander/>

Owing to a royalty dispute with his publisher, in October 2005 Puts placed a (text only) version of his "Leica Lens Book" on his website at: