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Leica S2 Notes

Announced to most people's surprise in September 2008, the Leica S2 is a "medium format" DSLR system using new auto-focus "S-System" Leica lenses.

Details are very sketchy at the moment, but the following will get Leicaphiles started.

BTW wasn't there already a "Leica S" digital camera a few years ago? Indeed there was, but it was a tethered scanning digital back. See this Sept 2008 discussion post by Eric Chan. Hence the designation "S2" for the new camera.

S2 Features

Lens Equivalence

Because the S2 has a 30mm x 45mm sensor, use the following table to estimate the 35mm focal length equivalence for S-System lenses:

focal length
Field of View
24 mm 96.8 ° 19 mm
30 mm 84.0 ° 24 mm
35 mm 75.3 ° 28 mm
70 mm 42.2 ° 56 mm
90 mm 33.4 ° 72 mm
100 mm 30.2 ° 80 mm
120 mm 25.3 ° 96 mm
180 mm 17.0 ° 144 mm
350 mm 8.83 ° 280 mm


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