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R8 motor drive - any good?

In late January 2000, Pascal Heyman had a chance to give the new, much delayed Leica R8 motor drive a thorough workout.

Click here to see photos of the motor drive & read Pascal's remarks and impressions.

N.B. There is also a 3 page review of the motor in the magazine Leica Fotografie International, Sept 6/99, pp.20-37

Be careful when you order your motor drive though — some camera dealers sell two slightly different items: the Motor Drive R8 and a Motor Drive Set R8. What is the difference? Usually $US 70 more for the "set" because this also includes the Quick Charge MD-R8, which of course you will need if you want to charge the weirdo custom-battery which powers the drive! You Have Been Warned…

Wondering about typical battery capacity?…

In Nov 2002, "Mitch Zeissler" <zeissler@> noted the following:

Somebody asked a while back what the R8 motordrive battery life was like. Well, starting with a fully charged battery, I shot 28 rolls in 7 days, and the battery was down to one indicator light out of three before I recharged it last evening.

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