Where can I get my LTM serviced?

Canada & North America

David Young reports the following:

[In December 1999] I had a very pleasant chat with Werner Schmalz, General Manager of Kindermann (Canada) Inc., the [then] Canadian Leica distributors. He is very proud of the fact that Kindermann (Canada) are the ONLY Leica authorized service for screw mount Leica's in the world.

Their www site can be found at <kindermann.ca> and the repair person to contact is Gerry Smith.

England & Europe

If you are located in England, Simon Evans recommends the following:

Malcolm Taylor CLA'd a IIIc for me a couple of years ago. He did a wonderful job. He is an expert on Leicas, having been called upon by Leica themselves, and even does his own lens coating. All this from a farmhouse in rural Herefordshire!

Click here for Mr Taylor's contact details…

LTM spare parts

In addition to the usual Leica sources (see elsewhere in the FAQ), give the following DAG URL a try: