QuickTime VR™ with Leicas

Being a Leica photographer doesn't mean being forever stuck in the 1960's, taking grainy B&W photos of great-grandchildren from behind.

Although small in number, a few of us are taking Leicas into the 21st century by employing our high resolution and flare resistant Leica wide-angle lenses, mated onto unobtrusive M & LTM camera bodies, to shoot high-quality 360° interactive QuickTime VR™ and PTViewer Java Applet immersive photographic scenes. Unlike standard photography, these 360° VR images are fully interactive and allow you to pan, tilt, navigate and zoom!

Since 1998 I have been using a Leica R 16mm Fisheye-Elmarit lens, in combination with a motorised M4-P or M6TTL, for shooting fully-spherical QTVR scenes. Click here to see a JPEG of my current self-designed, home-made rig.

A German friend of mine, Professor Helmut Dersch, shoots with a Voigtlander Heliar 15mm on a LTM.

Either way, there's digital life in the old girl yet!

To see a small sample of my Leica-based VR photography, see <vr.4020.net> and <bmvirtual.com>.