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R6.2 & R8 TTL flash tricks

In Oct 2001, "Jay" noted the following regarding the R8's TTL flash support, especially if you wish to TTL control slave flash units:

The R8's TTL flash system controls only those flashes connected to the camera by cords. This is not a deficiency of the R8 but rather of Metz. However there is a very simple way around this. You need to buy two items: the Nikon SU-4 wireless TTL controller (about $75) and a Metz SCA-3402 module for your second flash unit. The SU-4 will cause the attached flash to mimic the one connected to the camera. It works like a charm.

[What flash units have a zoom feature, and use the ROM information?…]

(current) Metz 32-MZ3, 54MZ3
(discontinued) Metz 40MZ-series (1, 2, 3, 3i)

Meanwhile, while playing around with his R6.2 SLR, Rick Dykstra noted the following TTL flash features:

If after having settled on the exposure using the camera and built-in meter in the normal way, one then dials in some exposure compensation, the TTL flash is controlled accordingly. Which means that the user ends up with quite controllable fill flash capabilities with the R6.2. I tested this with my Metz 50-MZ5 and 351 adapter (the right one for an R6.2) and it worked the same as if I had been using an adapter such as a 3501 (for R8) which has compensation switches built in. I tested by taking shots of a small canvas bag hanging in front of a window (with film in camera). The fill flash dosage was highly variable depending on the amount of compensation I'd dialed in.

SF-20 TTL flash useable on the R6(.2)?

Not really. In April 2005 Dr Joseph Yao noted the following:

The R6 belongs to a different era when the SCA system was still analog (the SCA 300 series). Thus, like the R5, RE and R7, the R6 is compatible with the Metz SCA 351 series.
The R8/9, M6 TTL and M7 feature the digital version of the SCA system (SCA 3501 and 3502, i.e. The 3000 series) and require a SCA 3501/3502 compatible flash for TTL operation.
The Leica SF20 has SCA 3501 built in (not SCA 351) and thus will not work with your R6 in TTL flash mode. You can still use it in A and M modes however.

While Art Tafil added:

I believe since the SF20 is dedicated to the M6TTL, R8 & R9, then it is SCA 3000 circuitry, whereas the R6, 6.2, RE, R5, & R7 are all SCA 300 or SCA 500.
I know that when I had an R8, none of my SCA 300 equipment would work in TTL mode. The only thing that worked, was the ready light in the viewfinder, indicating that the flash was ready to fire. The camera would not even switch to flash sync speed!!

In Jan 2003 there was an incredibily detailed discussion on about which flash to use with the R6.2, and also why the SF-20 isn't a good idea. See:

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