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R6.2 buzz after 1/250th?

You have just taken delivery of a R6.2 and have put the shutter through its paces. After a while you notice that when on the 1/250th speed, there appears to be a distinct "buzz" after you trip the shutter…

No you are not imagining things nor is your camera broken. The "buzz" after 1/250th is an integral part of the R6.2's shutter design and is supposed to buzz like this!

Hard to believe, but the infamous sound is due to the internal shutter-governing mechanism de-tensioning itself after the shot. It only happens at 1/250th, and only with the R6(.2) cameras.

Very annoying I know and I couldn't believe it either when I first got my R6.2 back in 1998!

BTW this de-tension buzz does not affect the workings of a motor winder or motor drive. You can safely hammer your camera at 1/250th with a frame-rate as fast as you like, the buzzing will make no difference and cause no internal delays.

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